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What is your story?

We know there are literally thousands of stories out there waiting (and needing) to be told.

If you've got something to say and you want to be heard, send us an email we would love to hear from you.

We are looking forward to, and need your contributions.

(To email your story click on the 'submit story' link provided on this page). Please also view our 'privacy' link on this page.

We would like to thank contributors to the 'Your Story' pages. Sharing your experience is enormously helpful to others who, like you, may be in difficult situations. We do appreciate your help.


A few helpful guidelines when writing your story are outlined below:

We have a separate link for different illnesses for ease of reference by readers. If you can include a diagnosis (or misdiagnosis) we can place your story in the section of most relevance.

Stories are listed under each section with a title (we can do this for you if you like) to identify the nature of the story. As the number of stories grow this will speed up the search process for people seeking information.

Feel free to contribute to as many sections as you wish - all of your experiences are valuable.

Above all, try to relate what you went through, how you felt, the obstacles that confronted you and any solutions that worked for you, this will be of greatest benefit to all who are reading it.

It doesn't matter how long or short you story is.

Have a look through the stories on this site if you need ideas on what information is beneficial.

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