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Your Medical Records:

The Importance of Checking Your Personal Records:

We have all seen the notations in various health booklets informing patients of their right to request copies of their medical records, and probably most would wonder why this should be necessary.

Your medical files are not only a record of the treatments you have been given, they also include notes and opinion from preliminary assessments and consultations which form the basis of your file.

The verbal answers you provide to medical or psychiatric staff are noted on your file. Opinion can also be noted on your file which can in the case of mental health be subjective, an interpretation based on the interviewers' experience.

Notes that are made during an interview will form the basis of later entries into your file records. If these entries are inaccurate or earlier notes are misinterpreted in any way, these inaccuracies will remain on your file and be referred to time and again by all who view it in the course of their work.

Inaccuracies can come about very easily. During an interview or assessment many questions are asked and much information is passed onto paper in the form of notes. These notes are later reviewed, edited, and an abridged and concise version of the salient points is recorded on your file.

During this process it is not difficult to see how changing few words can change the entire context of a record to mean an entirely different thing.

It is for these reasons we highly recommend you obtain and review your medical records to ascertain the accuracy of your recorded information.

If you are about to have your first interview or assessment, please request a copy of the recorded file notes when they become available and satisfy yourself as to the accuracy of the content.

Where there are errors or inaccuracies request amendments to those records and obtain a further copy once these amendments have been made.

Ensuring the accuracy of your medical records gives peace of mind and ensures that anyone reviewing your file in the future will be availing themselves of the facts.

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