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When Someone has Thoughts of Suicide:

If someone you know has recurrent thoughts about death or has talked about death or suicide it is important to take this seriously.

While you may feel it is a difficult subject to raise with the person you may be surprised that they will tell you what they are thinking if you just ask. This is a cry for help and must be acted upon.

If the person is not being treated for depression or is undiagnosed you must seek help for them either from their GP or alternative service depending on the circumstances.

If a person who has shown signs of a depressed mood suddenly begins to give possessions away and seems brighter or happier for no apparent reason get assistance immediately. Do not leave the person alone.

If the person is case managed or under treatment please advise the treating professional immediately as they may need hospitalisation for their own protection. Follow up is also required to ensure that action has been taken - not all mental health professionals take these matters seriously enough.

If the person has recently started or changed a dosage of medication, particularly antidepressants or antipsychotics some people have a reaction to these types of medications that can cause them to think obsessively about dying. These thoughts are quite overpowering for the individual and can be acted upon without warning. Seek help immediately and do not leave the person on their own.

We have duplicated the links from our 'Suicide Prevention' page here for your convenience.

There are also contact phone numbers in your local telephone directory listed under 'Suicide'.

Suicide Prevention Links:

Crisis Support Services Suicide Call Back Service:

Provided by Crisis Support Services this service is provided by qualified counsellors to assist those at risk of suicide, carers of those at risk, or those bereaved by suicide.

This is a telephone based service providing up to 6 x 50 minute telephone counselling sessions available 7 days a week between 10.00am and 8.30pm. To register simply call 1300 659 467 to establish ongoing counselling call backs
A link to their website [Call Back Service] is provided at the top of this page.

Read The Signs

A website to help you assess if you are at risk.
A link to this website [Read The Signs] is provided at the top of this page.

How To Help

Information for people wanting to know how to help with tips and advice on what you can do.
A link to this website [How To Help] is provided at the top of this page.

L.I.F.E. Website

Living is for Everyone - Suicide Prevention Website.
A link to this website [L.I.F.E.] is provided at the top of this page.

Suicide Prevention Resources and Links from Lifeline

A link to the Lifeline website is provided at the top of this page.


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