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Printable Resources for the Daily Management of your Illness

Daily Diary

The Daily Diary is a printable form to help you keep track of changes in your moods, sleeping patterns etc.

Over time it will help you to focus and be observant of what your pattern of moods are and hopefully to recognise when you may need some extra help.

This detailed record gives you the ability to manage your illness and be more in control of your own health.

My History

The My History page contains links to printable forms where you can fill in factors in your medical and psychiatric history. Give this information to your doctor if you think it will help them to be more aware of your circumstances.

If you need to see a different doctor this information will help them have a better understanding of who you are, what you have been through and what your needs are.

Crisis Contacts

Crisis Contacts is a printable form to record details of personal emergency contact numbers for people you can contact if you need help.

Emergency List

The Emergency List is a printable form to record personal and location details. Keep this form next to the phone, on the fridge or somewhere you (or someone else) can find it.

It includes simple things like directions to your house. Sometimes when people panic it is hard to remember even simple details, this page puts everything at your fingertips.

You can record the medications you are on as well as any medications you may be allergic to, and contact details if you want someone notified that you are ill. This information is very useful for emergency personnel, especially if you are unable to communicate, so keep it handy.

Word Power

Words and thoughts have a powerful effect on our mood and our perceptions of ourselves and the world around us.

We have provided some resources here as visual reminders of the need to shift the focus of our thoughts and words to the positive and keep them there.

Negative thought patterns are a habit and like any other habit they can be hard to break. Use these posters to help you get control of your thinking.

Our Word Power pages contain:

'Smiley Talk' - A selection of Positive Affirmations that you can print out and put where you can see them. Use these affirmations as an inspirational reminder to use the power of positive thought.

A list of ways to be kind to yourself, love yourself and help yourself in your recovery. These are simple things which most of us know, but don't always actively apply to our everyday life. Use this list as a visual reminder to be kind to yourself.

The Power Speech list is a list of phrases or words we use that can either empower or disempower us. We can learn to replace disempowering speech habits with words and phrases that empower us and give us the opportunity to be the best that we can be.

Daily Diary

Details of your Medical History

Crisis Contacts List

Emergency Information List

A selection of Posters to print with Positive Thoughts and Words


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