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Hot Tips To Speed Your Recovery:

We have summarised a range of ideas from people on different things they have tried that have worked for them:

Keeping Those Thoughts Under Control:

Negative thoughts can take up a lot of your time and keep you from doing the positive things you need to be doing to help yourself.

If you are having 'bad' thoughts here are some things you can use to control them:
(Remember, keep applying these techniques - they can't work if you don't use them all the time).

Visual Thoughts:

If you're experiencing mental images you want to get rid of try substituting something else in its place - blot it out with a big sunflower, a rainbow, a palm tree - in fact anything that looks and feels good.

We all know that thoughts can be very persistant - you have to be just as persistant at thought substitution. It does work if you continue to apply it so never give in or give up.

Other Thoughts:

If you're experiencing negative talk you want to get rid of try substituting a positive talk in its place. Positive talk is habit forming (just like negative talk).

If you can manage it, try to analyse the negative thought rationally.
For example, negative irrational thought:
Today is going to be a bad day.

Rational analysis:
I cannot know what today will be any more than I can know what tomorrow or the next day will be.
I will give myself the best opportunity of having a good day by not dwelling on things I worry about. If I am unable to stop worrying I will find something to do to occupy my mind or I will focus on other things.

As well as replacing the thought you may want to try to understand why you are having the negative thought - what has prompted it? Is there something that is causing you stress, worry or anxiety? Focus on how you can fix the cause if there is one, not the worry or thought itself.

Keep yourself busy and your mind occupied - if you are busy thinking about something else there is less chance of having negative thoughts.

Play music you enjoy. If you have problems with delusions that the TV or lyrics are meant for you then choose relaxation music that is instrumental only (no lyrics).

Talk to someone about the thought you are having. Ask their opinion, if they give you positive feedback that what you are thinking is not sensible then resolve to accept that opinion and ban that thought.

Try banning thoughts - when they pop up tell yourself 'this thought is banned' visualise putting that thought in the trash can, flushing it down the toilet, or disposing of it in some way. If it comes back - do it again, and again. Do it as many times as you have to until you get rid of it. You may end up with a whole trash can full of thoughts - that's where negative thoughts belong!

Ideas to Help Memory and Concentration Problems:

If your memory is giving you trouble try exercising it with a crossword or card game or puzzles, they will help to improve your memory.

Use your fridge door or some other place that you go to regularly to put reminder notes or keep a diary. If you keep a diary put a note on the fridge to remind you to check it!

Having a structured routine saves a lot of time wondering and worrying about what to do next or whether you have forgotten something.

Get a diary or a notebook and write down the essential things you have to do for each day of the week.

If you want you can even put times down to start particular tasks.

You can even break down each task into a smaller series of steps you need to. That way you only have to concentrate on one step at a time.

It doesn't matter how many lists or reminders you have if it makes your day easier. It is better to work off a list than get to the end of the day feeling bad because you forgot to do something important.

Make a point of doing the most important items first if possible.

Working off a list means you can get to the end of the day feeling positive about what you have achieved. Even if you didn't manage to get everything on the list done, focus and feel good about what you did do.

Don't feel bad about not achieving everything on your list - nobodys day always goes to plan. If there are things that still need doing put them on the list for another day, it doesn't matter - there is always another list and there is always another day!

Write any appointments on a calendar and put a reminder a few days ahead on the calendar as well. Say if you had a doctors appointment on Wednesday you could write a note on the calendar for the Monday before to give you plenty of time to organise transport or other things you need to do for your appointment - like a list of things you want to talk to your doctor about.

If you have your car booked in for repairs write a list of what needs doing so when you take it in you can give the list to the mechanic so you know everything is done.

Keep a shopping list on the fridge and write down the things you need to buy on the next shopping trip. If you run out of something or you are running low on something write it down immediately, that way there is no chance of forgetting and your list is ready for the day you go shopping.

If you check your diary first thing every morning you can work through your list knowing you have everything in front of you that you wanted to do in the day.

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