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Gallery of Great Photos:

We are looking for great photos of amazing landscapes, or places or photos with an artistic quality about them, still life, rainbows, dew drops, bush, sunsets - you know the sort of thing.

So, get your camera out, go after that one great shot and send us something to amaze and inspire people.

Please note that we can't include photos of people on this site. (If you have taken a great photo and it happens to have people in it at a distance - i.e the individuals can't be recognised, send it in and we will see if we can use it.)

If you have taken a great photo and would like it placed on these pages please send us a digital image in any of the following formats along with a short paragraph about the photo or where it was taken:

Please do not send large images or large photo files as these take too long to download. File sizes of less than 100kb are fine.

To send us a photo click on the 'send photo' link on this page.

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