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These pages include a selection of activities that will occupy your mind and provide a positive outlet for creative expression.

Craft Corner:

Craft corner is a display of different crafts that people are doing for relaxation. Crafts are a very therapeutic passtime. Essentially anything that is handmade is a craft, sometimes these items are referred to as 'handicraft'.

On display in these pages are a collection of all sorts of handcrafted items that people make as a hobby. You may find some ideas here that you can try yourself!


ArtSpace is the place to display pictures of your sketches, drawings, paintings and sculptures. Art is a great form of self expression. Moods, emotions, personal impressions, beliefs, experiences and events can all be expressed in a pictorial form through art.

Art is a universal language, just like music. For those who find it difficult to verbally express what they are thinking and feeling, expression through art gives them the opportunity to 'say' it all in a form that can be understood by anyone.

You don't have to be Rembrant to display your art on these pages. Some of the most famous and valuable artworks in the world actually aren't much to look at. These works are famous because they 'say' something to the viewer about what the artist was thinking and feeling at the time.

The most important aspect of art for pleasure is the expression of the 'self' by the artist, it really doesn't matter what it looks like.

Poet's Pages:

Poet's Pages are a collection of poems people have written that are an expression of their thoughts, feelings, hopes, dreams, and events in their lives. Poems can also tell a story.

Poetry is one of those things that once you start you may find youself pouring volumes of words onto paper. Give it a try! If you write something really good, send it in.


The gallery is a collection of photographs people have taken that capture something amazing - a snapshot in time of nature, landscape, structures and the like.

The beauty of photography is that you don't need to be able to draw to do it. Many people are 'naturals' at taking photographs - they just seem to have a knack of capturing the essence of their subject in a beautiful way. Others (myself included) are what you'd call 'photographically challenged', however that just means that we appreciate and admire what other people manage to capture so easily.

Digital cameras and cameras in mobile phones make it easier than ever for people to take photos anytime, anyplace.

Pet Pages:

Pet pages are a collection of photos of much loved pets that people have sent in to share with others.

Hobby Handicrafts

The Space to Display your Artwork

Poems written by our Readers

Gallery of Great Photos

Photo Gallery of Much Loved Pets


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