Smiley Australia

About Smiley Australia ...

Why we are here:

Smiley Australia is founded in memory of those who have suffered greatly in their battles with various forms of mental illness. There are many that with satisfactory medical and psychiatric intervention would still be here with us today.

We are all in some way touched by the human cost of mental illness. We can choose to continue to feel powerless or we can embrace the opportunity to contribute something together for the betterment of all.

What is our mission?

Anyone who has experienced the difficulties of accessing adequate treatment and support, be they sufferers or those caring for them will understand the need for this site.

We believe in the patient's, family's and carer's rights to make truly fully informed decisions about treatment and care.

Our mission is to create a powerful voice for the silent majority, by providing the opportunity for individuals to speak their truth, be heard, share their knowledge, get the message out there and make a real difference.

Together we have the power to change...

Who is Smiley Australia?

Smiley Australia is an independant, not-for-profit community service organisation created for the sole purpose of providing information, support and a voice for those who feel caught in a mental health merry-go-round.

Smiley Australia is volunteer run, funded by donation, and receives no financial support from Government or any commercial source whatsoever.


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